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Nourish your skin with our butters, scrubs and fragrance mist. Our products are artisan made with Vitamin and organic nature's oils.

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Welcome to Kiss Lane Cosmetics

Meet owner Bilkis Shinaba. Started Kiss Lane Cosmetics in 2020 showcasing Kiss Lane Welcome eyeshadow palette and Lipsticks. She started as a one woman band and managed to grow. While she has been hoping to add KL Skin to the brand, 2 years later after thorough research into finding fine and best ingredients to add to our lovely mixture. We are happy to finally introduce our artisan made products to the line. We formulate all products with the highest quality ingredients and promise to always deliver products that are free from sulfates, phthalates, parabens, dyes and lakes.

We also guarantee to source our raw materials from suppliers who are cruelty free and do not practice animal testing on their ingredients or finished products pre/post sale. 

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